Lishan Mountain Oolong Tea|Organic Boxed 15 packs-copy

手採精品茶包 (玉米纖維分解立體茶包)--台灣唯一第一支通過高山有機官方認證的梨山茶
Item No.: BG003

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product description:

Produced in the 2000-meter-high mountainous area of Lishan, Taichung.

  Organic method for pest control, no pesticide spraying.
  Friendly ecological organic fertilizer.
  There is a big temperature difference between day and night, and clouds and mist are lingering all year round.
  Facing the sun, there is plenty of sunshine.
  Refined tea products by the team of old tea masters.

Product Specifications

有機梨山烏龍茶 / 原片立體茶包 3g x 12 入

【發酵程度】 輕 ●●  【培火程度】級輕 ●
【色Colour】色澤翠綠清透。  【香Aroma】山嵐中小白花冷香,甘韻秀緻。


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