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|Selected|From the Hundred Tea Family: "From the Lugu Tea Garden family, a miracle of rebirth after the disaster." After the September 21 earthquake, it was infested by floating dust. It looks like a tea crisis, but it is a turning point for research and development.
|Jin|For the frozen top imperial concubine: Affected by the floating dust, the buds and leaves are covered with brown-red spots and appear curled; through the improved fermentation and light roasting process, the insect-infested tea leaves have a special honey flavor, which is the opportunity for the frozen top oolong tea to become a concubine.
|Seal|Name Qingmi Beauty: The tea soup is crystal-yellow, orange-yellow and translucent red, with elegant honey scents, the tea scent reverberates between the lips and tongue, and the entrance throat is sweet and has a fresh and refined flavor. name.


"The imperial concubine dances like a rosy cloud, swaying her body to scent honey."
The rich-flavored imperial concubine has high catechin content. Both hot and cold soaks have their own distinctive characteristics. Drinking to produce body fluids to quench thirst and refresh the spirit, the honey and fruit fragrance is not sweet, and it has a refreshing effect!

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Ziyashan Black Tea|Product Features
▍Made in "Lugu Township", Nantou County, the hometown of Wulong, Taiwan
▍Natural ecology caused by fallow tea gardens after the 921 earthquake
▍Insects (small green leafhoppers)✕Plants, crystals produced by natural fusion and fermentation
▍The aroma of fruit honey is rich and full, like a noble concubine
▍Traditional frozen top oolong production method

[Fermentation degree] All ●●●●●   [Purification degree] Heavy ●●●●●
[Color] The soup is orange-yellow and translucent red, and the crystal jade is like Xia    [Aroma] Quiet and restrained, tea flavor is rich and honey fragrance    [Taste] Full throat rhyme, mellow and smooth with multiple levels
【Efficacy】The rich flavor of the Royal Concubine has high catechin content. Both hot and cold soaks have their own distinctive features. Drinking to produce fluids to quench thirst, boost the spirit, honey and fruit fragrance, not sweet, and refreshing!

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